Power Systems Studies

Our engineers have more than 20 years of experience regarding static and dynamic analysis of LV, MV and HV Power Systems.

The expertise we provide includes:

- On Site Measurements,

- Modeling and Simulation,

- Result Analysis and Recommendations.

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EMI Expertise

We provide the following expertise:

- EM Perturbation, Jamming or                     Interferences,

- Waves, EM rays up to 26 Ghz,

- Radio Communications (GSM, UMTS,        WiFi, ...),

- EM Induction, Micro Wave, HF Welders.

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Energy Savings

Our expertise here includes:

- Transformers, cables, alternators:             reduction of losses due to harmonic         currents,

- Harmonic filtering,

- Reactive power compensation,

- Pumping and ventilation,

- Process study and optimization.

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Sim-Grid is pleased to offer XGSLab, a full feature grounding solution including multilayer and multizone soil models, capacitive and inductive coupling, below and above ground systems, as well as frequency and time domain calculations. All this comes at a fraction of the base price and cost-of-ownership of other full feature packages.

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We provide trainings on the following topics:

- Design of LV, MV and HV Electrical Power           Systems,

- Essential rules of Industrial Electromagnetic       Interference,

- High Environmental Quality of buildings,

- Energy Savings,

- Overvoltages, Lightning, Harmonics,

- Software Training.

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Sim-Grid markets CYMCAP and CYMGRD software. 

The CYMCAP software is dedicated to the calculation of ampacity and temperature rise calculations for power cable installations. More information.

The CYMGRD software is a substation grounding grid design and analysis program specially developed to help engineers optimize the design of new grids and reinforce existing grids, of any shape. More information.




Sim-Grid markets CYME software and provides technical support as well as trainings. 

CYME is a robust, comprehensive suite of advanced simulation tools for transmission, distribution and industrial power engineers.

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High Environmental Quality of buildings

HEQ concept aim is to propose a living or working environment where all electromagnetic fields are controlled and minimized. our expertise includes:

- Inventory of environmental EM fields,

- Measurements from 0 Hz to 7.1 GHz,

- Listing of EM fields emitted by buildings,   GSM, radars, electrical lines, etc...

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