CYME Power Engineering Software

CYME Power Engineering Software


Sim-Grid markets CYME software and provides technical support as well as trainings. 

CYME is a robust, comprehensive suite of advanced simulation tools for transmission, distribution and industrial power engineers.

The analytical capabilities of the CYME software fully support any type of power system simulation. Planning scenarios and case studies can be created to accurately and efficiently assess and substantiate the impact of modifications and reconfigurations to any power network, leading to improved asset management.
CYME is mature yet modern software: proven to be accurate and reliable it continues to be actively enhanced and supported.


Core modules for Transmission and Industrial :

- Power flow analysis for threephase electric power networks.

- Fault conditions simulation for three-phase electric power systems.


Core modules for Distribution :

- Per-phase voltage drop and power flow analysis.

- Fault calculations (fault flows and fault voltages).

- Protective device analysis.

- Optimal capacitor placement and sizing.

- Load balancing and load allocation/estimation.

- Analyses on balanced or unbalanced three-phase, two-phase and single-phase systems that are operated in radial, looped or    meshed configurations.


Additional CYME Modules :

Additional analysis modules are available for distribution, transmission or industrial power engineering within the CYME
suite of applications. These work seamlessly with the core modules.

- Harmonic analysis.

- Transient stability analysis.

- Arc flash hazards analysis.

- Load flow contingency (N-p).

- Dynamic motor starting.

- Advanced project manager.

- Geographic overlay.


The following modules further complement the distribution analysis capabilities:

- Reliability assessment.

- Automated network forecast analyzer.

- Steady state analysis with load profiles.

- Protective device analysis.

- Long-term dynamics analysis.

- Volt/Var optimization.

- Low-voltage distribution network modeling and analysis.

- Network configuration optimization.

- Single contingency asessment and restoration.

- Substations, sub-networks and secondary grid modeling.           

- Integration Capacity Analysis of Distributed Energy Ressources (DER).

- DER Impact Evaluation.


For more information and trial license request, please visit the CYME website.