Powerful software for powerful applications

Sim-Grid software solutions include a wide range of electrical engineering applications to meet most user profiles. Our software solutions are dedicated to increasing your productivity and helping you to improve the performance of your electrical power systems. Below is our software offer :




XGSLab is a full feature grounding solution including multilayer and multizone soil models, capacitive and inductive coupling, below and above ground systems, as well as frequency and time domain calculations. All this comes at a fraction of the base price and cost-of-ownership of other full feature packages. More information.  





CYME is a robust, comprehensive suite of advanced simulation tools for transmission, distribution and industrial power engineers.

The analytical capabilities of the CYME software fully support any type of power system simulation. Planning scenarios and case studies can be created to accurately and efficiently assess and substantiate the impact of modifications and reconfigurations to any power network, leading to improved asset management. More information.


CYMCAP - Power Cable Ampacity Rating

The CYMCAP software is dedicated to the calculation of ampacity and temperature rise calculations for power cable installations. The accuracy of the software provides increased confidence when upgrading power cable installations and designing new ones; maximizing the benefits from the considerable capital investment associated with them. It also helps increase system reliability and supports the proper utilization of the installed equipment. More information.


CYMGRD - Substation Grounding Program

The CYMGRD software is a substation grounding grid design and analysis program specially developed to help engineers optimize the design of new grids and reinforce existing grids, of any shape, by virtue of easy to use, built-in danger point evaluation facilities.

User-friendly data entry, efficient analysis algorithms and powerful graphical facilities make the CYMGRD software an efficient tool that helps the engineer arrive at technically sound and economical designs. More information.