Power Systems Studies

We create, design and optimize your Electrical Power Systems


Our engineers have more than 20 years of experience in the modeling and simulation of Electrical Power Systems as well as on site measurements.

Modeling: We use a software which allows us to model all the equipments of a HV and LV network; from the alternator to the lowest 24 V load.

Measurements: Really useful to check the model used in case of uncertainty, high fluctuating parameters or lack of factory specifications.

Simulation: Once the modeling stage is done, the software calculates all parameters and gives us all useful feedback for detecting any risks and abnormal conditions (surge, voltage shutdown, resonance, instability, etc...).

Analysis and solutions: For each monitored or simulated case, we analyze the best way to manage the risk or the ensuing problems and we propose optimized solutions that meet standards, cost or simply your imperatives.


We provide the folowing Power Systems studies:

Load Flow and Voltage Plan

- Short Circuit calculation 

- Protective Device Coordination

- Harmonics analysis

- Dynamic Motor Starting

- Transient Stability

- Substation Grounding

- Cable Ampacity

- Arc Flash Hazard

- Fast Transient Studies