Our Services

Our engineers are able to deal with the topics below with only one objective: solve your problems !


Power Systems Studies                                                                              Through modelling, measurements and simulations, our engineers will highlight problems on LV and HV Electrical Power Systems, then propose optimized solutions. we can perform the following studies:

- Load flow,

- Short circuit,

- Protective Device Coordination,

- Harmonics,

- Motor Starting,

- Transient Stabiity,

- Substation Grounding,

- Cable Ampacity,

- Arc Flash Hazard,

- Lightning and switching studies


EMI Expertise                                                                                                  Here we provide the following services:

- EM perturbations, jamming or interferences,

- Electrical networks (electrical surge, micro shut downs, etc),

- Grounding and earthing, insulation failures, breakdowns,

- Links and data networks (RS232, RS485, Ethernet,…),

- Networks and industrial bus (CAN, ProfiBus, ModBus, DeviceNet,…),

- Lightning effects (on site studies, external and internal protections),

- Electrostatic electricity (electrostatic discharges),

- Corrosion,  bearings erosion, vibrations,

- Waves, EM rays up to 26 GHz,

- Radio communications (GSM, UMTS, WiFi,…),

- EM induction, micro wave oven, HF welders…


Energy Savings                                                                                              Our fields of intervention are:

- Transformers, cables, alternators: Reduction of losses due to harmonic    currents, available power maximization by using reactive                            compensation, harmonic filtering and peak of currents equalization.

- Pumping and ventilation: Minimize the power consumption using an       optimized couple inverter/motor; and reduce losses of mechanical           couplings.

- Study and process optimization: Reduction of energy consumption;         Cinematic chain study.


High Environmental Quality of buildings

HEQ concept aim is to propose a living or working environment where all electromagnetic fields are controlled and minimized.

Inventory of environmental EM fields Measurements from 0 Hz to 7.1 GHz.

Listing of EM fields emitted by equipments, inner building’s installations and external sources (GSM, radars, electrical lines, railways, underground trains etc).

Check of measured values by comparison with standards  mentioned in HEQ label.

Recommendations and advices for conception and installations of electrical equipments.

Recommendations based on measurements and blue prints.

Advices before and during facilities installation.

Measurements and check during and at the end of construction.


Trainings                                                                                                         We offer the following training modules:

1. The essential rules of industrial E.M.C. (1 or 2 days).

2. How to analyze your LV and HV network today? Electrical surges and       harmonics (1 or 2 days).

3. Networks and field bus in industrial surroundings (1 or 2 days).

4. Electrostatic discharges (1day).

5. HF, GSM, WIFI and radio contacts in industrial surroundings (1 or 2          days).

6. Human exposure to E.M fields in industrial surroundings ( 1 or 2              days).

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