EMI Expertise

Our engineers are able to deal with the topics below with only one objective: solve your problems !


EMI Expertise                                                                                                Here we provide the following services:

- EM perturbations, jamming or interferences,

- Electrical networks (electrical surge, micro shut downs, etc),

- Grounding and earthing, insulation failures, breakdowns,

- Links and data networks (RS232, RS485, Ethernet,…),

- Networks and industrial bus (CAN, ProfiBus, ModBus, DeviceNet,…),

- Lightning effects (on site studies, external and internal protections),

- Electrostatic electricity (electrostatic discharges),

- Corrosion,  bearings erosion, vibrations,

- Waves, EM rays up to 26 GHz,

- Radio communications (GSM, UMTS, WiFi,…),

- EM induction, micro wave oven, HF welders…