The following are examples of consulting services we have done for our customers: 


Industrial company (Villefontaine & Sophia):

Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Studies.
Lighning study on the whole site.


Industrial company (Hautmont):

Problem: Misoperation of a circuit breaker.
We performed an Harmonic Analysis on the Low Voltage network and proposed solutions.


Industrial company (Annecy & Philadelphie):

Measurement of Electromagnetic Field produced by Induction Heat Ovens. Calculation and tests on the screen of shielded cables.


Industrial company (Laon):

Analysis of Electromagnetic compatibility on metal detectors.
Optimisation of the operation of microwave ovens of 900 kW.


Industrial company (Lyon):

Analysis of Electromagnetic fields influence on high voltage transmission lines and solar panels.


Railway company (Paris):

Harmonic Analysis on the whole metro/RER electrical network.
On site measurements and simulation: identification of problems and solutions proposals.


Industrial company (Imphy):

Power Factor correction, Harmonic and Flicker studies on an Arc Furnace. Simulation of the whole site to prevent future problems after site extension.


Industrial company (Lyon):

Substation grounding and lightning studies on Aluminium production sites in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Bahreim.


Engineering & consulting company (St Quentin Yvelines):

Analysis and simulation of a LV / HV power system for a military port. Harmonic, protective device coordination and stability analysis.


African Distribution System Operator:

Trainings on overvoltages, Insulation Cordination and harmonics for HV power systems.
Training on Partial Discharge measurements.


Oil & Gas Company (France, confidential):

Analysis of the inrush current and system voltage drop at transformer energization.


Industrial company (Ski) (Crossey):

Problem: Misoperation of Variable Speed Drives. We analyzed the LV electrical network and performed a lightning study on the whole site.


Steel and aluminium company (Maubeuge):

Misoperation of Data network due to Electromagnetic compatibility issues. Misoperation of Variable Speed Drives due to harmonics.