About us

Sim-Grid is an independent Electrical Engineering company providing simulation software and consulting services which enhance the performance, reliability, safety and cost-efficiency of Electrical Power Systems. Our mission is to enable our customers to manage their Electrical Power Systems more efficiently, with fewer failures and outages, greater safety and lower costs.
Our client base includes companies involved in electricity transmission, distribution and generation, together with operators of electrical assets in petrochemicals, mining, process engineering, manufacturing, transport infrastructure, health and defence.


Assistance at all stages of your project:

Equipped with cutting edge skills in the domain of electrical engineering, Sim-Grid assists you at all stages in the realization of your projects:

- Before the project: Producing preliminary designs, comparisons of       solutions, preliminary calculations.

- Detailed studies: Designing electrical power grids, power cables             calculations, voltage plan, power flow, short-circuits, protective device     coordination, transient stability study, harmonics, switching studies,         etc.),

                                                                                                                        A wide range of skills:

Sim-Grid is active in all fields of electrical and electromagnetic engineering; our services cover the folowing fields:

- LV and HV networks,

- Energy savings,

- Electromagnetic compatibility,

- High Environmental Quality,

- Lighning and switching studies,

- On site measurements,

- Trainings.