Cable Ampacity

The main objective of this study is to perform Ampacity and Temperature rise calculations for power cable installations. Determining the maximum current that power cables can sustain without deterioration of any of their electrical properties is very important for the design of electrical installation.                                                                    

The way we proceed:

For Cable Ampacity studies, we first model accurately the power cable in CYMCAP software. all the layers are considered (conductor, conductor shield, insulation, insulation screen, sheath, armour, jacket, etc...).

Then the cable installation is modeled:

- Directly burried,

- Burried in Ductbanks,

- Cables in Tunnel, 

- Cables in troughs, 

Finally, the maximum current or temperature allowed in the cable  is calculated according to IEC Standards.                                                                                          

We can carry out on site measurements to obtain the missing equipment parameters and validate the simulation model.