Load Flow and Voltage Plan

The planification of Electrical Power Systems includes the analysis of the steady-state performance of the power system under various conditions (contingencies).                                                                                                                                                                                    


The main objective of a Load Flow Analysis is to identify abnormal conditions (undervoltages, overvoltages and overloads) of the Electrical Power System under different operating conditions; then propose solutions to adress these issues.  


Expertise and solutions:

For load flow and voltage plan analysis, we model the electrical power system in a simulation software. Generators, cables, overhead lines, transformers, loads, etc. are accurately modelled.

Overloaded equipment are identified.

In some cases, when the targetted voltage plan is not met, a reactive power compensation system is added to the grid.                                                                                     

We can carry out on site measurements to obtain the missing equipment parameters and validate the simulation model.                                                                      

load flow