Short Circuit

The main objectives of a Short Circuit Analysis are:

- The determination of the system protective device settings (fuses, relays, etc...)

- The determination of the effects of the fault currents on various systems components such as cables, lines, busways, transformers.   

- The design and selection of interrupting equipments (circuit breakers, switchgears, etc...)

- The assessment of the effects of different kinds of short-circuits of varying severity on the overall system voltage profile.                                                                                                   

The way we proceed:

We perform short-circuit analysis using numerical simulation by modelling the entire electrical power system and considering the various influencing parameters: short-circuit power of the supply, normal/emergency modes, load factor, load reinjection from the motors, supply configurations, etc.

These calculations are carried out according to IEC and ANSI Standards.                                                                                                                           

We can carry out on site measurements to obtain the missing equipment parameters and validate the simulation model.